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PART I. (pp. 5-33)
1. Find the following word-combinations, translate them into Russian.
to leave sb alone (8), from time to time (9), to have an eye on sb (9), to bring one's heart into one's mouth (22), to fit out a ship (29), to hold one's tongue (33), as silent as the grave (33)
2. Answer the questions:
1) How did the old captain appear in the "Admiral Benbow" inn? Describe him.
2) What incident happened when Dr. Livesey came to have a look at Jim's father?
3) Why did Billy Bones want Jim to go to Dr. Livesey?
4) Who came to Billy Bones one day after that & why?
5) What did Jim & his mother find in the sea-chest of Billy Bones?
6) Where did they go for help & why?
7) What was found in the packet?
8) What did the company decide to do & on what condition?
3. Paraphrase the underlined words, using the word-combinations of the task.
1) Dr. Livesey came to visit Jim's father sometimes, because he was ill.
2) Billy Bones asked Jim to watch the road & tell him if he saw a one-legged man.
3) Billy Bones's stories frightened the people greatly.
4) When Squire Trelawney & Dr. Livesey found Flint's map of the Treasure Island, they decided to organize a sea expedition there.
5) Squire Trelawney promised that he would not tell a word their trip to anybody.
4. Translate the sentences into English.
1) Your friendship with this girl must stop, it can not keep his mouth shut.
2) When he noticed that all followed him, he asked to be left alone and left the room.
3) Please do not tell anyone about it. - I'll be there, like a fish.
4) The news that many sailors and their ship - the pirates forced the stagnation of blood in the veins of Jim.

PART II. (Pp. 34-58)
1. Find the following word-combinations, translate them into Russian.
To take the risk (44), to keep sth a secret from sb (45), in detail (47), a man of fortune (50), to maroon sb (53), to drink sb's health (57), to keep a good look-out (58)
2. Ask 5 general, 5 alternative, 5 tail-question & 5 special questions on this part.
3. Make up the plan of the part.
4. Translate the sentences into English.
1) Be careful. You have to keep the news a secret from everyone.
2) On the birthday of my grandfather all drank only for his health.
3) She recounted her friends on a trip to Italy.
4) Robinson Crusoe not landed on a desert island pirates, his ship was wrecked (to wreck), and only he was hurt.
5) If you're going to continue to do so, you risk to stay all alone.

PART III. (Pp. 59-87)
1. Find the following word-combinations, translate them into Russian.
To know sth like the palm of his hand (59), to come to oneself (63), to be as good as dead (66), in the direction of (68), to put sb on guard (77), to make terms (78), to give sb a hand (79), on purpose (82)
2. Answer the questions.
1) How did the day, after their reaching the Island, start?
2) How did Jim feel that t the voyage had become dangerous?
3) What was decided to avoid mutiny?
4) How did Jim meet Benn Gunn? Tell his story.
5) How did Dr. Livesey & his company get ashore?
6) With what supplies did they start to fight against the pirates? Had they any advantage over them?
7) What proposal did John Silver come to the log-house with? Was it accepted?
8) Was the pirates' attack successful?

PART IV. (Pp. 88-103)
1. Find the following word-combinations, translate them into Russian.
To lose no time (89), at all costs (90), to pay attention to ... (91), little by little (93), in the dark (102)
2. Answer the questions.
1) Why did Dr. Livesey & Jim leave the log-house the day after the battle?
2) How did Jim manage to carry out his plan?
3) What did Jim understand when he saw the "Hispaniola" in the morning? What idea appeared in head at that moment?
4) What did Jim see when he got on b

Additional information

7) Why did Israel Hand's behaviour seem suspicious to Jim? How were his suspicions proved?
8) How did Jim leave the ship?
9) What things seemed strange to Jim when he was returning to the log-house?

PART V. (pp. 105-130)
1. Find the following word-combinations, translate them into Russian.
To be angry with sb for sth (106), to play a double game (110), to give a word of honour (114), to keep close together (120), to keep one's head (123), as if nothing ( had) happened (127), to be out of sight (129)
15 2. Ask questions of different types on this part.
3. Answer the questions.
1) Why did John Silver save Jim from the pirates, in your opinion?
2) Why did not Jim run away from the pirates with Dr. Livesey?
3) What frightened the pirates when they were looking for the treasure?
4) What happened to all of them on returning to Bristol?
5) Was the island left uninhabited?
4. Translate these sentences using good vocabulary.
1) Jim realized that all this time, Silver led a double play.
2) When Treasure Island had disappeared from sight, Jim was happy that finally left him unharmed.
3) After the failure of his Silver he behaved as if nothing had happened.
4) Jim was afraid that his friends would be angry with him for an escape from the camp and would not forgive him.
5) When it will be in a difficult situation, it will retain the presence of mind, I am sure.
6) He is always deliberately mocks the stray cats and dogs!
7) Once on a desert island, they had to stick together to survive.


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