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Information Technology Management (test) 35 tasks for MNEPU

1. If between tasks 1 and 2 set the connection End-Start, which means that
a) Task 2 can start only one task at the same time
b) Task 2 can start earlier Objective 1
c) Objective 2 may not begin before 1 problem

2. If the task duration is specified as 4 d ?, which means that
a) For the preliminary assessment of the problems listed dlitelno¬sti
b) For the duration of the final objectives set
c) the estimated duration of the task after entering a list of all tasks

3. What is a graphic representation of information about otobra¬zhaet peak load units resur¬sa., Labor costs, labor costs over time
a) Resource Sheet
b) the use of leaf tasks
c) Leaf utilization
g) Schedule Resources

4. In a submission for each resource pri¬voditsya list of assigned tasks and the total amount of work scheduled for the resource to perform each task, day, week, or me¬syats another time
a) Resource Sheet
b) Use of resources
c) Using Tasks
d) Mode of tasks

5. Type the planning can take values
a) From the date of commencement
b) From the start date to the specified end date
c) From the date of the

6. If between tasks 1 and 2 installed Us Home-Start, which means that
a) Task 2 can start only one task at the same time
b) Objective 2 may not begin before 1 problem
c) Problem 2 can not be started simultaneously with task 1
g) Task 2 can not start later Task 1

7. What is the sequence of actions needed vy¬brat to print the Resource Sheet
a) Choose the menu File - Print sheet re¬sursov
b) Set the Resource Sheet view and select from a menu File - Print
c) Choose the menu File - Properties - Printing sheet resources

8. What are the different types of time limits
a) Fixed start
b) Fixed continuation
c) The fixed end
g) Start not before
d) As soon as possible
e) ending no later
g) started immediately

9. In projects with the type of plan from the date of the beginning of all of the tasks have the default temporary ogre-striction
a) As soon as possible
b) Fixed start
c) To end immediately
d) as late as possible

10. The duration of the tasks may be administered in unit sleduyu¬schih
a) Seconds
b) Hours
c) quarter
g) Years
d) Days
e) a month
g) Minutes
s) of the week

11. What type of time limit is set by default for the type of scheduling problems by the end of da¬ty
a) As soon as possible
b) How can you later
c) None

12. What is the time limit does not have to result vliya¬nie scheduling
a) Fixed start
b) Deadline
c) Finish no later
d) not come sooner

13. In order to use the template, select the menu neobhodi¬mo team
a) File - New
b) File - Open
c) Tools - Options
r} View - Master

14. To use the standard reports neobho¬dimo
and} Select File - Print
b) File - Reports
c) Type - Reports
g) Tools - Options - Reports

15. The type of planning is set in the dialogue
a) Tools - Options
b) Project - Project Information
c) Tools - Customize
d) Edit - Type

Additional information

16. If the duration of the task is given as> 4e means that
The duration of the task may be more than four days
a) The duration of the problem can not be more than four days
c) This entry is not possible
d) For the duration of the pre-specified tasks

17. Load Profile allows you to change the resource
a) The distribution of labor by day
b) The number of appointments to the task
c) the number of the executed works

18. What is the sequence of commands can be overloaded ot¬filtrovat resources
a) File list of resources - show
b) Service - Filter - Overload
c) Project - Filter - resources in excess availability
d) Insert - resource from the following source - address book

19. How to split the active view into two windows
a) Window - Split
b) Service - New Window - Display
c) Format - Create a new window

20. How to add a new column to an active pred¬stavlenie
a) Insert - Column
b) File - Column
c) Service - Column
d) project - Column

21. As part of the effort to move the resource sverh¬urochnye
a) Add a column of overtime and pro¬gramma itself will take the extra hours in overtime
b) Add a column of overtime and extra hours pere¬nesti hand, decreasing overall trudozatra¬ty
c) Add a column of overtime and click OK

22. How to remove the division of the active window into two windows
a) window - Remove split
b) Tools - Remove window
c) Format - Hide Window

23. As can be understood that the profile of the resource load has been changed
a) Under the special character in the column Indicators
b) on the red font color
c) On the green font

24. In what can be expressed in terms of delay rabo¬ty
a) Percentage
b) The five-year plans
c) In the days
d) in milliseconds

25. As the load balancing of resources
a) View - Header and Footer
b) Project - Project Information
c) service - resource leveling

26. What are the signs in the congested resources
a) Font red
b) Availability of a special mark in the column Indicators
c) there are no signs of

27. How to display simultaneously two Gantt chart: to align and after
a) type - other views - Gantt with vyrav¬nivaniem
b) Gantt tracking
c) Gantt

28. What is the button that allows you to quickly find the days when a resource is overloaded
a} resource from the following sources
b) information on the resources
c) Overloaded resources
d) Go to the following excess availability

29. Which toolbar is a button that lets you quickly find the days when a resource is overloaded
a) Collaboration
b) CONTROL resources
c) Standard
d) Format

30. What is the column containing the cost of the project informa¬tsiyu
a) cost
b) costs
c) the adjusted cost

31. What is the task, the default milestone
a) The task without resources
b) The problem with the material resources
c) The problem with human resources
d) The task duration 0 days

32. What tasks are called critical
a) Problems with overloaded resources
b) Problems with long duration
c) Change that affects the duration of the entire project dlitel¬nost

33. What is the difference between the deadlines and restrictions vremen¬nymi
a) It is the same
b) The deadline does not affect the project schedule
c) Time constraints increase the duration of the project

34. What kind of calendar templates are in the program
a) Standard
b) Year-round
c) 24 hours
g) Hour
e) The night shift

35. If between tasks 1 and 2 set the connection End-End, this means that
a) Objective 2 could end only in conjunction with zada¬chey 1
b) Objective 2 may end before task 1
c) Task 2 can not end before task 1


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