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Choose the correct answers to test questions, fill in the blanks.
Answers, store in the form of answers.

a) ab) the c) - d) many e) much

1. His favourite drink is _____ juice.
2. I had _____ cup of coffee for lunch.
3. _____Thames flows through _____ London.
4. We went on a tour of _____Europe last summer.
5. Can you see _____ man over there? He is my dad.
6. Have you been to _____ Bolshoy theatre?
7. Hurry up! We have not got _____ time.
8. How _____ people are there?

a) some b) any c) something d) somebody e) anybody

9. It's hot there. Give me _____ water, please.
10. Did you meet _____ on the way to work?
11. There is not _____people in the room.
12. I have bought _____ for Pam's birthday.
13. There is _____ at the door. Go and open it, please.
14. We'd like to stay longer, but we do not have _____ time.


15. This film is the _____ I've ever seen.
a) good b) better c) best
16. My case is not very _____. Yours is ______ than mine.
a) heavy b) heavier c) heaviest
17. She has _____ job of all.
a) a difficult b) a more difficult c) the most difficult
18. These trousers are too small. I need a _____ size.
a) large b) larger c) the largest
19. Happiness is _____ than money.
a) important b) more important c) the most important


20. Look! The house _____!
a) were built b) are built c) is being built
21. The students _____ the final test in the end of the year.
a) were give b) will be given c) is given
22. The hotel rooms _____ every day.
a) will be b) has been cleaned c) are cleaned
23. English _____ spoken all over the world.
a) is b) are c) will
24. I have not been informed about it.
a) I am not informed about it.
b) I have not been informed about it.
c) I am not informed about it.
25. This film is much spoken about.
a) On this film a lot of talk.
b) On this film a lot of talking.
c) In this film, a lot of talk


26. Nick said that waiting for their parents.
a) Nick said that he is waiting for his parents.
b) Nick said that he was waiting for his parents.
c) Nick said that he was waiting for my parents

27. Anne asked me if I knew where Kate.
a) Ann asked me if I know where was Kate.
b) Ann asked me if I knew where was Kate.
c) Ann asked me if I knew where Kate was.

28. She told us she had studied at University.
a) She told us that studying at university.
b) She told us that she studied at the university.
c) She told us that she will go to university.

29. The man asked me, "What time is it?"
The man asked me what time _____.
a) is it. b) it was c) was it.

30. Bob said, "I have passed the exam."
Bob said that he _____ the exam.
a) had passed b) has passed c) have passed.

31. Mum asked, "Do you have a nice trip?"
Mum asked me if I _____ a nice trip.
a) have b) did have c) had.

32. The teacher said, "Hand out your tests".
The teacher said _____ your tests.
a) hand out b) to hand out c) handed out.


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