Civil law test with the answers of the two 70 questions.

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Civil law test with the answers of the two 70 questions.
Task 1.
Question 1: What kind of contract of sale are governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation?
1) retail sale;
2) the supply of goods for state needs;
3) contracting;
4) energy supply;
5) all of the above types of contracts.
Question 2. Who can be the subject of a contract of sale?
1) citizens;
2) legal persons;
3) the State;
4) individuals and legal entities;
5) any of the subjects of civil law.
Question 3. What is not subject to the sales contract?
1) real and personal property;
2) exchange transactions;
3) patent rights;
4) the things that belong to the third party;
5) money.
Question 4: What are the general conditions of the contract of sale are essential?
1) an agreement on the subject matter of the contract (selling items);
2) the price;
3) the period of performance of the contract;
4) the number, range, completeness;
5) all of the above.
Question 5. What are the requirements of the buyer is entitled to raise in the case of the sale of his product improper qual-tion?
1) replace the defective goods;
2) a proportionate reduction of the purchase price;
3) immediately, free elimination of product defects;
4) reimbursement for the elimination of defects in the goods;
5) any of the above requirements of their own choice.
Task 2
Question 1: What are the sales contract must be in writing?
1) contract of sale of real estate;
2) the agreement of purchase and sale of foreign trade;
3) contract vehicle sales;
4) listed in items 1 and 2;
5) the contract of sale of personal belongings, if the price does not exceed 10 minimum wage.
Question 2. What could be the subject of the contract of retail purchase and sale?
1) The only things that are used for personal, family, household (ie domestic) or other consumption, not con-bound to conduct business;
2) The only things used for entrepreneurial activity;
3) All items are not withdrawn from circulation; like fungible and individually defined;
4) the car if the seller of the vehicle is a citizen;
5) Only personal things citizens.
Question 3. What are the obligations of the seller in the contract of retail purchase and sale of goods transfer to the buyer?
1) in a particular place;
2) with all the facilities and documents related to the product;
3) in the agreed quantity and range;
4) corresponding to the completeness and the set, if any;
5) all of the above.
Question 4. When in the retail sale of the contract, as a general rule, deemed to be concluded?
1) from the date of payment;
2) since the definition of scope of delivery;
3) since the determination of the quality of goods sold;
4) since the definition of the range of goods;
5) all of the above.
Question 5. What refers to the characteristics of liability under the contract of retail purchase and sale?
1) violation of the property rights of the consumer in the contract of retail purchase and sale grants the right to demand compensation for moral damages;
2) responsibility for violation of consumer rights can be assigned not only to the seller, but also to the manufacturer of the goods;
3) compensation for damages and payment of penalties for infringement of obligations under the contract of retail purchase and sale does not release the seller from the performance of an obligation in kind;
4) The buyer of the contract of retail purchase and sale has more rights in the event of a sale to him things of poor quality;
5) all of the above features.
Activity 3
Question 1. In what cases can the unilateral refusal to perform the contract for delivery?
1) the supply of goods of improper quality with defects that can not be resolved within a reasonable period for the buyer;
2) repeated delay in delivery;
3) repeated delay in payment of the goods;
4) repeated failure to select goods;

Additional information

Task 5
Question 1. Which of the following instruments is not a contract of energy supply?
1) an agreement under which sells natural gas in cylinders;
2) an agreement under which sells natural gas through the connected network (the pipeline);
3) contract under which sells oil through the connected network (the pipeline);
4) the contract, by which the sale of oil in tanks;
5) correct answers in items 2 and 3.
Note: the power supply agreement are:
an agreement under which sells natural gas through the connected network (the pipeline);
an agreement under which sells oil through the connected network (the pipeline);

Question 2. What is included in the duties of the subscriber contract for electricity supply?
1) energy security;
2) observance of the established mode of consumption;
3) The cost of the received energy;
4) inform the power-on violations arising from the use of energy;
5) all of the above.
Q 3. What type of penalty is usually paid in violation of the treaty power?
1) The contractual penalty;
2) of the penalty;
3) contractual and legal penalty (in equal amounts);
4) In all cases, the only legal penalty;
5) In all cases, only the contractual penalty.
Question 4. Who in the Company's shareholders entitled to take a decision on the transaction for the sale of Real property the value of which is 25% of the book value of assets of the company?
1) Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) unanimously;
2) The general meeting of shareholders by a three-fourths majority vote of the holders of voting shares present at the meeting;
3) Chairman of the Board of Directors;
4) Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) by a three-fourths majority vote;
5) CEO.
Question 5. What rights does a creditor who has received a notice of sale of the company, but did not give consent to the transfer of debt?
1) to demand early performance of obligations;
2) claim damages;
3) to demand recognition of the contract null and void in the relevant part;
4) require the termination or early performance of obligations and damages, recognition of the contract valid for 3 months from the date of receipt of the notification;
5) the creditor can not present these requirements if the buyer guarantees the payment of the debt.
Task 6
Question 1. entitled to cancel the gift giver?
1) the donor shall have the right at any time to cancel the donation regardless of the value of the thing;
2) may, if the donee has committed an attempt on his life;
3) have the right, if after conclusion of the contract his property, marital status or health status-nilis measurable so that performance of the contract under the new conditions will lead to a significant reduction in their standard of living;
4) to cancel the contract of donation is not possible under any circumstances;
5) has the right in the cases listed in points 2 and 3.
Question 2. What are the requirements to the form of the annuity contract?
1) the contract is subject to notarization and state registration at the discretion of the parties;
2) the agreement is subject only to state registration at the discretion of the parties;
3) is subject to mandatory notarization and when it comes to rent payment alienation of immovable property, and the state registration;
4) The contract is subject to notarization only at the discretion of the parties;
5) the correct answer in points 1 and 2.
Question 3: Who can act as a party to the lease agreement?
Question 4. What types of property can be leased?

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