An analysis of the corporate culture. Diploma.

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In recent years the importance of the image of the developed world as a whole is enhanced. The concept of the image is very wide. Under the image can be understood as the company's image, product image, image politics, etc. The development of science's image began with the emergence of the so-called marketing thinking.
Corporate culture is an element of the internal image of the organization.
Most theorists agree with this or that one basic definition: the corporate culture - is the embodiment of the relationship of the worker to the core values, beliefs and traditions in characteristic patterns. Culture materialized in corporate traditions, ceremonies, celebrations of successes, customs. And also - in order, strategy, process management, structure, methods of resource allocation.
There is no doubt that only intensive and purposeful work with the staff of the organization can bring worthy fruits or how in the field of cultivation of corporate culture. Projects memoranda, diagrams, notes and ideas will remain unclaimed securities, if one day the manager does not understand that the project was something more, namely, the "soul", the organization of air.
Naturally, the corporate culture does not bring revenue and profit by itself, but a habit every morning to get up at six in the morning and go to work in the fields, growing wheat - it is also a cultural characteristic. Therefore, it is important to establish a link between the activities of the formation, diagnosis and change - read, development of corporate culture and other, more traditional areas of attention of managers and organizations.
But at the same time, hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the united and striving for a common goal the team is able to solve its tasks with much more enthusiasm and, as a result, efficiency than the loose collective of workers.
The purpose of research - to examine the corporate culture of the enterprise in the image of the organization and leadership.
Objectives of the work:
1. To consider the theoretical aspects of the psychological characteristics of the merger of two organizational cultures.
2. Examine the organizational culture and the image of the head of ZAO "Moscow-Efes Brewery" ..
3. Develop recommendations for improving the process of adaptation to the changes of personnel within the organization.
The object of study - the staff of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery".
Subject of research - the corporate culture and image of the organization and the head.
Methods: observation, observation, interview, psychological testing (testing), ranking, correlation analysis.
The development challenges corporate culture and understanding of the concept of organizational culture in the writings of Charles G. Barnard and Simon W. Deming. A number of studies Ouchi Y., T. Peters and R. The works R.Andersona, P.Shihireva, A.Naumova, Sh.Paffer, E.Dzhonsa, L.S.Perepelkina, N.E.Pokrovskogo, AA .Prigozhina, I.Richmonda, H.Smita described Russian ethno-cultural characteristics that need to be taken into account when shaping the organizational culture of modern Russia.
Structurally consists of an introduction, three chapters: theoretical, analytical and project; conclusion, list of literature.

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The study suggests the following conclusions.
There are many definitions of the term "corporate culture", but most authors agree that the corporate culture - a system of values \u200b\u200band beliefs shared by all employees of the company, determines their organizational behavior, the nature of life organization.
Corporate image serves as a tool to achieve the strategic goals of the company, affecting the major part of its activities and forward-looking. The advantages are obvious positive image. However, the positive recognition does not appear by itself and does not exist by itself. It requires purposeful systematic work related to the conversion of a real image of the enterprise into a positive.
The project was a study of culture in the image of the organization by the example of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery".
Analysis of the potential of the company showed that from a financial point of view, it is in a stable position.
According to the generalized test to detect the power of corporate culture, the culture of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery" was defined as moderately strong. The strength of corporate culture depends on the organizational lifestyle company. Therefore, as a strictly hierarchical company with a strong vertical distribution, JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery" can not but have a powerful organizational culture below. Such structures are generally shielded from direct external pressures, and are strictly level-balanced distribution. Although the power of corporate culture is quite high, it is due to the presence of rules and regulations that are privately defined in the company. As a market leader, JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery" constantly directs its policy into the mainstream activities of the need for effective, adherence to the mission and goals.
Evaluation of image was carried through an anonymous survey of consumers of products of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery", business partners, our employees, as well as representatives of local and regional public administration. The number of groups of experts from relevant perception, ranged from 15 to 20 people, which is sufficient for the formation of a representative sample. In the result of a survey of experts produced a real assessment of the corporate image of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery", as well as the evaluation of the "mirror" image, reflect the views of the director (general director) of the corporate image of the organization.
As tools of culture change in the company are regulated, for example, as follows:
- Modeling of roles and processes (related to the implementation of R & D, production, innovation, staff);
- Use of external consultants;
- Some changes in organizational culture;
- Education and training of staff, and in particular senior managers.
- Formation of the legends in the organization.
A new type of organizational culture should be based on the creation of a creative atmosphere in the organization, encouraging employees to create a new operation in all areas of the company.
The enterprise should as much as possible to focus on the so-called "management development", adapted to Russia's economic situation:
- Self-reliance;
- Focus on concrete and effective actions;
- The possibility of transformation of the circumstances;
- Uniting people in a result-oriented team, the belief in success and high end of the case;
- The creation of new and innovative organizational culture, rapid decision-making, high response to changes in the environment.
We offer four ways to improve the attractiveness of the image of JSC "Moscow-Efes Brewery"
1. Create a single organization firm trade
2. The program of promotion of the goods;
3. Application of the method of effective inventory management product group as a means to enhance the attractiveness of image
4. The application of practical methods of design


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